Project Description

DANGER BEACH is a factual observational series that follows the unsung heroes of Muriwai’s Surf Lifesaving Club as they put their lives on the line to keep one of New Zealand’s most stunning – yet dangerous beaches safe.

Experience the action through the eyes of lifeguards Slim, Ash, Mitchell, Ross, and David Butt and a host of others as they deal with everything from shark scares to mass rescues, scary rock rescues to families’ worst nightmare as their children go missing – Danger Beach has it all.

The lifeguards are faced with a new array of challenges as Muriwai experiences its busiest summer in years. The beachgoers are more diverse than ever and unfortunately unfamiliar with the ocean. It’s when they run into strife that our volunteer guards risk it all – jumping into boiling surf, racing at high speed on jet skis, smashing through huge waves in inflatable rescue boats, all in the name of protecting one of New Zealand’s best assets – the beach.