Drug Bust

DRUG BUST is a fast paced factual observational series that follows New Zealand’s largest police district, Counties Manukau as they fight the war against drugs.

The district has the highest population in New Zealand but it is also one of the poorest regions - and with this comes crime. With unprecedented access we follow the district’s crack investigation teams as they take on the criminal underworld in a fight to take back their communities.

Life in South Auckland is action packed, and these guys do not muck around. Each episode will focus on the war against P; tinnie houses; gangs and organized crime. But it also shows the human costs that confront the police every day. From children living in meth houses to drug related violence, the viewer gets a birds-eye look at the damage drugs are doing to our communities.

Drug Bust takes us on a journey with a group of dedicated police officers as they battle to keep the population safe.