Rescue !

RESCUE 1 is a fast paced factual observational series that follows the unsung heroes of Auckland's Westpac Rescue 1 Helicopter as they endeavour to save lives in a race against time. The series puts the viewer in the chopper's front seat and take them on some of the most daring and heart-wrenching rescues New Zealand has ever seen.

From dramatic boat, train, and car smashes ... traumatic head and spinal injuries, near drowning, broken necks and backs ... spectacular search and rescue missions over land and sea... to families’ worst nightmares, heart and asthma attacks, allergic reactions, pneumonia and accidental poisoning.

Filmed through the height of the busy summer season, our larger-than-life crews race across the skies of the Auckland region on missions that are often improbable, sometimes apparently impossible, and for anyone else totally unfeasible ... but for the viewer, always enjoyable.