Show of Hands

SHOW OF HANDS is an off-beat love story centred on a car yard in an everyday suburb, where an endurance competition with a difference is being staged. The competition requires entrants to place a hand on a new Land Rover Discovery and keep it there. The winner of the car will be the person who keeps their hand continuously on it the longest. The world record for such a competition is over 5 days.

Attracted to this gruelling Darwinian contest are people from every walk of life, who for one reason or another - avarice, poverty, anger, revenge, despair, loyalty, love - see their salvation in winning the glistening car. Inspired by a true story, Show of Hands pits all these motivations against each other, and in an intense social experiment in how far people will go to win.

Written by Oscar-nominee Anthony McCarten and starring Melanie Lynskey, Show of Hands pits all these Kiwi characters against each other and tests which inner motivation will prove the stronger.