No Opportunity Wasted

NO OPPORTUNITY WASTED is based on the life philosophy of New Zealand-born veteran television host and adventurer Phil Keoghan. After a near death experience at the age of 19, Phil sat down and wrote a list of things he wanted to do before he died.

Phil has shared this philosophy for 20 years with audiences all over the world, in numerous TV series, as a guest speaker and on numerous talk shows, including Oprah. Phil's determination to live life to the fullest is infectious, he wants to inspire others to get beyond woulda/coulda/shoulda, and compile lists of their own.

We give people the chance to complete their own lists of dreams, encouraging them to break their own rules, let go of the handrails, face their fears, take a leap of faith, break a few rules and swerve off the road they've been following for years. We take away their excuses by clearing their schedules but it will be up to each challenger to put in all the hard work to make things happen.