Real Escapes

Kiwis seek a lifestyle change and a real estate dream in this eight-part primetime TV One Series. Maybe they're looking to move from the frenzy of the city to the peace of the country or perhaps that seaside bach to fulfill a family fantasy.

In Real Escapes we are with a family or couple for the entire journey, as they sell up their home and head off on their hunt for that magic property. But where is it - and how do they find it?

Enter Michael Boulgaris - real estate guru, deal broker, financial adviser and lifestyle exponent - who does everything in his powers to find the ideal slice of paradise. He draws upon his considerable expertise to help the couples find the land ... and then land the deal. His analysis of each individual property - as we poke our way through four properties each week - is a highlight of the show.

Along the way we enjoy their journey - and poke our noses into some fantastic real estate