Project Description

Shear Bro is an entertaining observational documentary following an inspirational Maori family in Dannevirke who have successfully run a shearing business for four generations.

Koro and Mavis Mullins were renowned in the shearing industry for their professionalism and innovation when they ran their run for over 40 years. Now they’ve passed the mantle to their daughter, Aria, a no-nonsense businesswoman who’s got what it takes to survive in what is still largely a man’s world.

Older brother, Tuma, is a softie at heart and a world class trainer.  He’s Aria’s right hand man, but this may be his last Main Shear…if his body keeps sustaining injuries.  Youngest brother, Punga, was the black sheep of the family, but now he’s started his own shearing-themed cafe in the centre of town.  He’s keen to learn reo Maori and might get back into competitive shearing too… if there’s glory involved. There’s never a dull moment with Punga.

We follow this whanau through the highs and lows of Main Shear, the busiest three months in shearing, and discover what makes them tick.

Shear Bro is a series filled with heart, showcasing grass roots New Zealand in one of our country’s most world renowned industries.