Project Description

Years ago, Johanna Taggart was the enigmatic leader of a naturalist commune that occupied the sleepy town of Kingsport. Living as one with the land, Johanna and her followers were able to carve out a pleasant, if simple life for themselves.

That is, until one night. Johanna’s estranged husband arrived, and under the cover of darkness he murdered Johanna before kidnapping their daughter Sam, and going into hiding. For all these years, Sam Taggart’s connection with her mother and the commune was severed – until now.

THE BASEMENT follows Sam Taggart as she returns to Kingsport to learn about her mother and finally unearth a childhood blanketed in mystery. But, as she begins to painfully put the pieces of her past together, the mysterious intentions of her hosts find Sam more, not less, sure that something is very wrong in this home.

Sam’s traumatic past seems to haunt an equally spooky present – and between the suspicious behaviour of those around her and their insistence that her worries are just nerves, Sam becomes convinced that a sinister game is afoot.

Over the course of this single night friendships are tested, people will do unspeakable acts and the horrifying truth behind the reunion is revealed. Whilst Sam came to Kingsport looking for answers, will she be able to leave with them?