Project Description

THE CULT is a 13-part event drama aimed at the 18 to 39 demographic. The series has a thrilling plot but also multi-tiered stories of dysfunctional relationships.

Michael Lewis- a successful but jaded lawyer in Auckland city, receives a mysterious envelope which leads him to believe his estranged sons are living in Two Gardens – a New Zealand cult compound led by a man called Edward North. All the cult members have signed legal documents renouncing their families, friends and all contact with the outside world. Edward North is a powerful and charismatic leader who has created a paradise in Two Gardens, and is determined to keep it that way.

But there are others who’ve lost people close to them. Worried by cult movements and compounds of the past – Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, Waco – Michael and the rest of the ‘Liberators’ begin to investigate what they can do to get their loved ones out.