Project Description

THE KICK is about a young man who somehow got himself on the wrong side of the nation. Despite the odds, he resisted failure, he confronted his fears, and when the nation suddenly turned to him for a moment of brilliance … he delivered. This telemovie tells the story of Stephen ‘Beaver’ Donald and his role in New Zealand winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

The film is not a story about sport, rather it is a story of redemption that involves a man who plays sport. The core characters are not all fellow All Blacks and coaches. They are also his whanau – the people who love and support him.

We enter his world, and then we see ourselves through his viewfinder. The view is sometimes harsh, but ultimately it is very inspiring.

There is something for us as a nation to collectively learn from this story. It all wraps simply around the story of ‘Beaver’ but very few people know the true story behind that simple kick.