Project Description

Forestry is a fiercely competitive industry with a full 4% of New Zealand’s GDP, and Newton Logging like to think they are winning the race. Tight-knit family The Newtons have been running the business ever since founder and current boss Willie Newton stepped out at the age of 18 to start logging – and never turned back. It’s in the blood, with his father being a logger and his grandfather before him – what the family labels as a generational calling.

Willie has managed to grow his family’s skill for logging into a thriving and successful family operation with close to 100 employees working for them. Providing steady work for the community is no easy task, especially when you’ve got to keep on top of the machinery, meeting deadlines and the ever-present safety risks that come with this kind of job!

The Loggers gets up close and personal with these wild and wonderful characters, working hard to earn an honest day’s living. We’ll show real kiwis doing real work in the logging industry. The skilled old experts and hot-blooded newbies mix it up together to get the job done. And of course, there’s always time for a drink and a yarn at the end of a good day’s logging!

The Loggers is an honest, funny, and heartwarming and television show that cuts deep into the heart of New Zealand’s logging greats.